A new generation of bio-derived ceramic materials for medical applications

Autores: Gonzalez, P.|Borrajo, J. P.|Serra, J.|Chiussi, S.|Leon, B.|Martinez-Fernandez, J.|Varela-Feria, F. M.|Arellano-Lopez, A. R. de|Carlos, A. de|Muñoz, F. M.|Lopez, M.|Singh, M.
Fuente: Journal of biomedical materials research
A 88 (3), 807-813

A new generation of bio-derived ceramics can be developed as a base material for medical implants. Specific plant species are used as templates on which innovative transformation processes can modify the chemical composition maintaining the original biostructure. Building on the outstanding mechanical properties of the starting lignocellulosic templates, it is possible to develop lightweight and high-strength scaffolds for bone substitution. In vitro and in vivo experiments demonstrate the excellent biocompatibility of this new silicon carbide material (bioSiC) and how it gets colonized by the hosting bone tissue because of its unique interconnected hierarchic porosity, which opens the door to new biomedical applications

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