Analytical determination of the distribution of polishing time over the surface of polished tiles

Autores: Sousa, F.J.P.|Aurich, J.C.|Weingaertner, W.L.|Alarcon, O.E.
Fuente: J. Am. Ceram. Soc.
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Several kinds of glossiness pattern can be seen on the surface of porcelain stoneware tiles right after the polishing process, as a function of the kinematics performed by the polishing heads. For the newest generation of industrial polishing trains, where a transverse oscillation is included, there is still a great need for literature about the resulting patterns. This paper intends to find the spatial distribution of time under polishing analytically using the kinematics equations involved in the polishing process. The measured values of glossiness collected from three polished tiles are also presented. The importance of adopting a good kinematics for the polishing process has been highlighted, and the equations developed herein are useful tools for further attempts at optimizing the polishing process.

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