Beta-wollastonite reinforced glass-ceramics prepared from waste fluorescent glass and calcium carbonate

Autores: Yun, Y.H.|Kim, S.B.|Kang, B.A.|Lee, Y.W.|Oh, J.S.|Hwang, K.S.
Fuente: J. mater. process. technol.
178 (1-3), 61-66

We prepared glass-ceramics reinforced by P-wollastonite using waste fluorescent glass to resolve the environmental problem. Fluorescent glass and calcium carbonate were used as starting materials. The chemical durability of specimens heat treated at 800, 900 and 1000º C was analyzed by both the measurement of weight change, and observation of surface morphology. The composition of the specimens was determined with energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy. As the heat-treatment temperature was increased from 800 and 900º C to 1000º C, the chemical durability decreased, specially that of the glass-matrix area. Compressive strength, about 250-350 MPa, was sufficiently large for practical usage

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