Ceramic porous body with communication macropores

N. de publicación: US2010099547 A1

The present invention is a method for producing a ceramic porous body with high porosity and continuous macropores, which comprises mixing a ceramic powder with an aqueous solution of a gelable water-soluble polymer to form a slurry, gelling for a while to fix the tissue structure, freezing it to produce ice crystals in the gel tissue and creating structures that become continuous pores, thawing the ice by controlled atmospheric substitution-type drying method with the resulting water being replaced without damaging the gel, and then sintering it to produce a ceramic porous body having various porosities, pore diameters and pore shapes, while conventionally cracks and contraction were likely to occur during drying when the solids concentration of the slurry is less than 20 vol %, with the method of the present invention it is possible to control these problems even at a solids concentration of 10 vol % or less, manufacture and provide a ceramic porous body with a porosity of 72% to 99% and a compression strength of 0.4 MPa or more.

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