Characterization of multicomponent oxides system for glazes applications

Autores: Atkinson, I.|Teoreanu, I.|Zaharescu, M .
Fuente: Revista de chimie
59 (9): 990-993

This study aims to investigate the structure and properties of raw glazes with zirconium and boron addition for sanitary porcelain. To obtain the glazes under investigation the following raw materials were used: potassium feldspar, kaolin, wollastonite, quartz, colemanite, ZnO and ZrO2. The glazes were prepared by traditional ceramic method and the resulted suspension was applied on the green ceramic substrate and thermally treated in an electrical furnace with a treatment time of I hour at the maximum temperature of 1250 degrees C The microstructure of the glazes and the glaze-ceramic substrate interfaces were evaluated by SEM and EDAX microanalysis, which showed the presence of zircon micro crystals. X-Ray diffraction revealed that the mineralogical composition of the glazes consisted of quartz, zircon, feldspar and colemanite phases. The correlation between the composition and properties of the glazes was established! by hot stage microscopy and dilatometry (melt viscosity, contact angle and thermal expansion coefficient). The colour characteristics were estimated in the HunterLab system (L* C* h*, remission spectra).

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