Comparison of different shaping technologies for advanced ceramics production

Autores: Kaiser, A.|Loo, R. van|Kraus, J.|Hajduk, A.
Fuente: CFI, Ceram. forum int.
86 (4), E41-E48

Many shaping technologies are considered for the production of advanced ceramics, like cold and hot isostatic pressing, uniaxial pressing, injection moulding, pressure casting, tape casting, etc. This paper presents a comparison of properties of advanced ceramics (using alumina as material for the comparison tests) formed by pressure casting, uniaxial hydraulic pressing and tape casting and gives some indication for proper selection of the most suitable shaping technique regarding requirements concerning dimensions and shape of products, product quality throughput capacity, and economic aspects. Adequate firing technologies are also discussed. the results can help to design new plants as well as to optimize existing production facilities

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