Comparison of ED-XRF and LA-ICP-MS with the European reference method of acid digestion-ICP-MS for the measurement of metals in ambient particulate matter

Autores: Brown, R.J.C.|Jarvis, K.E.|Disch, B.A.|Goddard, S.L.|Adriaenssens, E.|Claeys, N.
Fuente: Accreditation and quality assurance
15 (9), 493-501

A comparison study of the measurement of metals in ambient particulate matter collected on air filters, using energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (ED-XRF), laser ablation inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) and wet chemical digestion followed by ICP-MS analysis according to the European ?reference method? EN14902, is presented. Whilst it is shown that the methods have a low systematic bias with respect to each other, overall they do show a high random variability, and when considered individually using regression methods, some analytes have shown bias with respect to the EN14902 method. The low systematic bias observed is not unexpected since both the ED-XRF and LA-ICP-MS methods have been calibrated using results from the EN14902 technique. The uncertainty of each analysis has been estimated and compared with the data quality objectives for uncertainty specified in the relevant European air quality legislation. This has tentatively shown that approximately 75% of the analyses using ED-XRF and LA-ICP-MS meet the requirements of the legislation. However, improvements in repeatability and calibration methods for both ED-XRF and LA-ICP-MS would be needed before these methods were truly applicable for routine use in air quality measurements of this type.

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