Conductive ink compositions incorporating nano glass frit and nano metal for enhanced adhesion with glass and ceramic substrates used in displays

N. de solicitud: WO2008KR05252
N. de publicación: WO20090318492 A2

The present invention relates to a conductive ink composition for ink jet printing, which can form a conductive pattern by an ink jet printing method using a glass or ceramic substrate such as a flat panel display and a laminated manual component in producing components and elements that require a thermal process at a relatively high temperature of 400-800 DEG C. It relates to a method for synthesizing silver nano sol having a uniform particle size, an excellent dispersion and an excellent sinterability, and to a conductive ink composition to which is added nano glass frit for improving adhesion between a conductive pattern, which is closely relates to a panelt= long-term stability and reliability, and a glass substrate, the conductive ink composition being able to form patterns with excellent conductivity.; According to the present invention, the conductive ink composition for ink jet printing comprising metal nano particles, a co-solvent and nano glass frit can form a conductive pattern using an ink jet printing method, and also enhance adhesion by fusing the nano glass frit, which is added during drying and heat treatment processes, with the substrate.

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