Decal Printing Paper For Ceramics

Número de publicación: US2016325575 (A1)

Fecha de publicación: 10 de noviembre de 2016


A decal printing paper for ceramic, glass or inorganic surfaces has a base paper coated with a water-soluble release layer, an image transfer layer made of liquid cover coat with glass/ceramic flux added, and a printed image layer. The glass/ceramic flux contains glass frit with a relatively low melting point to provide a one-step printing paper with a glass/ceramic flux that delivers the required adhesion, as well as reducing the firing temperature. Optionally, additional layers (e.g., a pigment layer) can be included for use on clear glass or other substrates of various colors. The image transfer layer can also include a dye colorant to provide a visual indication of a functional characteristic of the decal printing paper.

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