Decorative coating for glass and ceramic-glass items

Solicitante: SCHOTT AG
N. de solicitud: EP20090008608
N. de publicación: EP2141133 A1

In the production of decorative layers on glass or glass ceramic substrates by a sol-gel method, where decorative pigments and fillers are added to the sol and the mixture is hardened by firing to form the decorative layer, the decorative pigment component to be added is a combination of platelet-form pigment particles and solid lubricant in a weight ratio of 1-10:1 (preferably 1-5:1, especially 1.5-3:1). An independent claim is included for glass or glass ceramic articles with a decorative coating (preferably produced by the above process), comprising a glass or glass ceramic substrate with a decorative layer containing a hardened sol-gel binder (forming a metal oxide network), decorative pigments and optionally filler, where the decorative pigment component is as above.

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