Decorative coating of glass or glass-ceramic articles

Solicitante: SCHOTT AG
N. de publicación: US2010047556 1

The invention relates to the production and use of a gray hue palette for decorative coatings based on a sol-gel method for glass and glass-ceramic articles, wherein flake-form pigments and solid lubricant are used in specific mass ratios as decorative pigments. The pigmentation provides a high-temperature-stable decorative layer, has good adhesive strength between the substrate and the decorative layer, has good impermeability relative to fluids and gases during use, as well as a high resistance to scratching. The invention further relates to glass or glass-ceramic articles with decorative coatings which are produced, in particular, according to the method of the invention, which are suitable particularly for use as glass-ceramic cooktops due to the named good layer properties of the decorative layer.

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