Eco-friendly multi-functional ceramic tile manufacturing method

Número de publicación: KR20160123692 (A)

Fecha de publicación: 26 de octubre de 2016

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(Traducción automática al inglés) The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing the tiles, and more particularly, anions and far infrared rays uniformly release and antibacterial, antifungal inhibiting effect, various kinds of food waste and the effect of deodorizing the odors such as toilet odor, the chemical toxic substances adsorbed, It relates to a method for manufacturing tiles having a variety of adsorption-functional moisture-proof. Method for producing a functional tile according to the invention is first to create a bulseok, elvan, china clay, titanium, tourmaline, and a first step of grinding by mixing the respective raw materials such as volcanic stone powder, fine particles of the good molding the mixed raw material spherical 2 and the step, a third step of pressure molding the raw material made of a fine particle and drying the molded tile and is finished after the fourth step of firing. Therefore, functional tiles made in accordance with the present invention may be beneficial and pleasant living spaces to health.

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