Fabrication of superconducting coatings on structural ceramic tiles

Autores: Mora, M.|Lennikov, V.|Amaveda, H.|Angurel, L.A.|Fuente, G.F. de la|Bona, M.T.|Mayoral, C.|Andres, J.M.|Sanchez-Herencia, J.
Fuente: IEEE Transactions on applied superconductivity
19 (3), 3041-3044

An alternative to fabricate high temperature superconducting materials with big sizes that could be used in power applications as fault current limiters is to develop superconducting coatings on structural ceramics substrates. The interaction between the substrate and the superconducting coating has been analysed using different buffer layers, as NiO and zirconate compounds. Different processing techniques have been used to prepare the buffer layer: dip coating, screen printing and thermo-spraying. This layer has been densified using a selective laser synthesis. The superconducting coatings have been fabricated with tape casting technologies and the desired texture is obtained by means of a laser induced melting process

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