Frequency inspection as an assessment tool for the frost resistance of fired roof tiles

Autores: Korenska, M.|Chobola, Z.|Sokolar, R.|Mikulkova, P.|Martinek, J.
Fuente: Ceramics-Silikaty
50 (3), 185-192

The paper presents the results of the experimental study focused on the application of the frequency inspection method of the assessment of the frost resistance of fired roof tiles. Two sets of fired roof tiles produced by different manufacturing technology were analyzed. For the old-technology-tiles (1988), the consequences of accelerated degradation, which consisted in placing the tiles into a cooling box having a temperature of -70º C, were distinctly apparent immediately after the first cooling cycles. The results were verified by the measurement of the tiles– other properties, such as water absorption, capillarity, and porosity which affect the roof tile frost resistance. The frequency inspection method proves to be a sensitive structure status indicator, which can be used to assessing the frost resistance of the roof tiles. The result show that an advanced technology used for the production of new-technology-tiles (2002) brings an excellent frost resistance and long service tiles life.

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