High-strength porous ceramics produced by recycling glass fibers in waste GFRP

Autores: Kinoshita, H.|Kaizu, K.|Miyagi, H.|Tokunaga, H.|Ikeda, K .
Fuente: MULTI-FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES II, PTS 1 AND 2. Uetikon-Zuerich: TTP, 2009 (Advanced materials research; 79-82)
pp. 275-278

In this study, as the effective recycling technique for the waste GFRP, the process for the producing the porous glass fiber reinforced ceramics by firing the mixture of the clay and the crushed waste GFRP was proposed. The proposed recycling technique for the waste GFRP enables to produce various ceramics parts by effectively reusing the glass fibers included in the waste GFRP as well as to dispose injurious GFRP radically. By changing the mixing ratio of the waste GFRP and clay, and by firing the mixture at some temperatures, several kinds of ceramics specimens (tiles) were produced. The microstructure of each specimen was observed using the SEM and the microscope, and then water absorption and the bending strength of the specimens were examined in detail by comparison with those of specimens without the glass fiber. From those results, it was confirmed that the high-strength porous glass fiber reinforced ceramics could be produced by our proposed process

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