Influence of the feldspar composition on the structural and mechanical characteristics of clay-based ceramics

Autores: Arib, A.|Sarhiri, A.|Moussa, R.|Remmal, T.|Gomina, M.
Fuente: Comptes rendus chimie
10 (6), 502-510

Two feldspar raw materials mined in Morocco were first evaluated with regard to their crushing ability and then analysed and compared with a commercial feldspar currently in use, in terms of chemical and mineralogical compositions and thermal behaviour. Final products obtained by the association of these feldspar raw materials with different ceramic pastes were investigated, and emphasis was put on the vitrification diagrams (evolutions of shrinkage, density, and water absorption with the firing temperature) and the mechanical properties (flexural strength and fracture toughness). The results show that beyond the good crushing ability, the mineralogical composition of a feldspar raw material is of prime importance for the technological properties and the mechanical characteristics of the sintered products.

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