Ink jet pattern seeping marble tile

Número de publicación: CN106007662 (A)

Fecha de publicación: 12 de octubre  de 2016


The invention discloses an ink jet pattern seeping marble tile, which consists of a blank body and enamel seeped into the blank body, and is formed by firing a ceramic raw blank containing a nanometer stabilizing agent and the enamel layer containing a nanometer seeping aid, pattern seeping enamel and a nanometer color former. The color and the patterns of the ink jet pattern seeping marble tile are generated in a position being 1.5 to 2.0mm inside the ceramic blank body; the veins are clear; the colors are rich; the patterns are complete; the pattern effect is good; meanwhile, the surface wear-resistant performance of the ceramic tile is good; the anti-stain performance is good, so that the decoration and application effects are very good; the production steps are simple; the manufacturing cost is low.

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