Ink jet printing ink containing thin aluminium effect pigments and method

Solicitante: ECKART GMBH
N. de solicitud: WO2008EP05834
N. de publicación: WO2009010288 A2

The present invention relates to aluminium effect pigments having the following properties: a) a d50-value of the volume averaged particle size distribution curve of 1 [mu]m to 15 [mu]m, b) an average thickness h50 of 15 to 150 nm determined by counting from SEM images, c) an x-ray diffractogram measured on said aluminium effect pigments in essentially plane-parallel alignment showing main peaks which are not [111]- or [222]-reflections. Furthermore, the invention relates to an ink jet printing ink and a method of producing an ink jet printing ink and the use of aluminium effect pigments as well as an ink jet printing ink.

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