Kinematics of a single abrasive particle during the industrial polishing process of porcelain stoneware tiles

Autores: Sousa, F.J.P.|Aurich, J.C.|Weingaertner, W.L.|Alarcon, O.E.
Fuente: J. Eur. Ceram. Soc.
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In order to achieve glossiness the porcelain stoneware tiles must undergo an industrial polishing process, which can be optimized by either the scratching phenomena or the polishing kinematics. This paper is focused on the latter. Thus, the most important kinematic equations involved in polishing process were described. The lateral oscillation used in modern polishing machines, as well as the other available motions were taken into account. The trajectory of abrasives, the scratching speed and the curvature radius could be obtained for each instant. The importance of adopting good kinematics parameters for the accomplishment of the polishing process was highlighted, and the equations furnished hereby serve as useful tools for further attempts in optimizing the polishing process.

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