Limit molecular formulas and target formulas determination for feldspar porcelain glazes

Autores: Dumitrache, R.L.|Teoreanu, I.|Volceanov, A.
Fuente: J. Eur. Ceram. Soc.
In Press

The paper is with a view to glazes designed for industrial glost fast firing of feldspar porcelain. In this case, limit ?molecular? formulas have to assure a transparent glaze obtaining, for glost fast firing (10 °C/min, 5 h from cold to cold) at maximum temperature, in range between 1360 and 1390 °C, what is realised through the entire ?molecular? formulas balancing. There were settled limit ?molecular? formulas and guidelines for feldspar porcelain glazes, starting from a relative large number of working recipes developed by feldspar porcelain industry, each oxide range has been rationalised. Target formulas reveal oxides categories and variation range of each oxide to produce a transparent feldspar porcelain glaze.

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