Metallic glaze composition

N. de solicitud: EP20070010594
N. de publicación: EP2000443 A1

The present document refers to a metallic glaze composition of the type used in the ceramics industry for the manufacture of ceramic flooring, ceramic coverings, structural ceramics, sanitary and porcelain ceramics with a metal-effect finish, characterised in that it comprises one or more ceramic pigments the composition of which comprises at least P2O5 in a quantity ranging between 40 and 70% in weight, Fe2O3 in a quantity ranging between 10 and 50% in weight and Li2O in a quantity ranging between 0 and 30% in weight, optionally containing other oxides, as well as additionally containing a special low-dilatation frit preparation for improving the properties of the metallised ceramic glazings, and characterised also by a specific procedure of synthesis in order to obtain said calcined metallic pigment.; This invention permits a perfect metallic finish, and can be applied to products deriving from these pigments and frits such as metallised ceramic glazings, glaze slips, ceramic granulates and ceramic inks.

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