Method and apparatus electrostatically controlling the viscosity and other properties of ceramic compositions

Solicitante: Goodson, D.M.
N. de solicitud: US20050060823
N. de publicación: US7374331

A method and apparatus for reducing the viscosity of a fluidic cementitious mixture, the apparatus including a high voltage source, first and second spaced electrode members electrically connected to the high voltage source and (when energized) define an electrostatic field therebetween. The positioning of particulate cementitious material within the electrostatic field imparts like charges to the cementitious particles. By establishing such an electric field and positioning cementitious particles within the field, the particles may be charged prior to mixing into a hydrated cementitious slurry. Such charging decreases the viscosity and/or enhances the flowability of the hydrated cementitious slurry.

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