Method for making ceramic-coloring clay bricks using waste batteries powder

Solicitante: Im, H.H.
N. de solicitud: WO2008KR00982
N. de publicación: WO2008108544

Provided is a method for making a ceramic clay brick using waste battery powder. Valuables of the waste batteries are separated through a crushing, pyrolysis, pulverizing, and magnetic separation processes. The remaining waste battery powder is processed in order to utilize the remaining waste battery powder as a colorant in a brick making process. Clay powder is added to the processed waste battery powder to make a black-colored, dark red-colored, or dark brown- colored brick according to its contents. According to the present invention, since the waste battery powder mainly including manganese and zinc can be processed into the colorant and mixed with the clay powder to make the black-colored, dark red-colored, or dark brown-colored brick according to its contents, purchase costs MnO used as the colorant during the making process of the ceramic brick can be remarkably reduced. In addition, superior bricks can be made at low cost. Particularly, since the waste batteries are recycled, environmental pollution can be prevented and economic effects can be expected due to the waste recycling.

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