Method of decorating a ceramic part

Solicitante: COMADUR SA
N. de solicitud: US20070690469
N. de publicación: US2007228007

The invention proposes a method of locally colouring a part made of ceramic material of the metallic oxide type mainly including the following steps: taking a support for the part and a laser, able to move a relative to each other in a XY plane, performing a plasma treatment of the part using a part containing one element selected from among nitrogen an carbon, so as to convert a surface layer of metallic oxide, into a substantially stoichiometric ceramic chosen from among metal nitrides and carloides, locally iluminating the part with the laser beam so as to provide sufficient energy to cause a local change in colour by altering the stoichiometry of the surface layer, and scanning the surface of the part using the laser beam so as to form a determined pattern.

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