Method of making acid-resistant tiles

N. de publicación: RU2394790

This invention relates to the industry of ceramic materials, mainly to compositions for making acid-resistant materials. The method of making acid-resistant tiles involves feeding a raw mixture containing the following in wt %: crude kaolin 45-60, tailings from processing polymetallic ore 10-17, salt aluminium slag 30-38, crushing the components, mixing, moulding at 18-22% moisture of the mixture, drying to residual moisture of not more than 5%, calcination at 1200-1250C. The salt aluminium slag is calcined at 900-920C until content loss during calcination of not more than 4%. The obtained component is mixed with crude kaolin and tailings from processing polymetallic ore. EFFECT: higher bending strength, acid resistance, frost resistance and heat resistance of the articles

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