Mineralogy and chemical composition of lower cretaceous ceramic clays from Estercuel basin (Teruel, Spain)

Autores: Meseguer, S.|Jordan, M.M.|Sanfeliu, T.
Fuente: Silic. Industriels
74 (5-6), 149-154

A group of clays with industrial application have been studied. The clays come form a mining area in Teruel, and in particular form the area located between Arino and Crivillen, where clay industries are situated. In relation to their mineralogical composition, three main groups of lutites have been found. The first group has a predominance of kaolinite (more than 85%). The second group of lutites has a low quartz content and a predominance of kaolinite-illite, while the third group shows a predominance of kaolinite-illite, but unlike those in the second group, quartz contents may be up to 40%. The study of the chemical and mineralogical composition allows the evaluation of the applicability of the clays studied: refractory, fine clay (meaning white paste of pavement and coating), red paste of pavement and coating, and heavy clay.

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