Mortar-less decorative tile mosaic composite for swimming pool bottom

Número de publicación US2017284107 (A1)
Fecha de publicación: 5 de octubre de 2017



Preformed and self-contained ceramic tile mosaic composite that contact adheres to swimming pool bottoms without tools or a need to drain water. This invention in unique in that it allows for easy tool-free installation in the bottom pools full of water. This invention is also unique in that it allows for installation in soft shell pools (i.e. vinyl liner, in-ground and above ground) as well as concrete based and fiberglass pools. Another differentiator is that this invention is flexible and conforms to the bottom of the pool. This provides full surface interface of the rubber base and pool bottom. The rubber base is designed to be tractable and can provide some degree of suction allowing the composite to keep intended form, shape, position and location without the permanence of a cementitious or epoxy/glue adhesive necessitated by typical mesh mounted pool tile mosaics. This invention also allows…

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