New approaches in the design of ceramic and hybrid membranes

Autores: Julbe, A.|Rouessac, V.|Durand, J.|Ayral, A.
Fuente: J. membr. sci.
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This paper describes approaches developed for the preparation and also the characterization of innovative inorganic or hybrid membrane materials. Soft chemistry routes, sol-gel and plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) are used to get tailormade layers with different architectures. The infiltrated composite membranes are first examined. They exhibit a good thermo-mechanical resistance, a low sensitivity to the presence of defects, a relatively high flow resistance and are attractive for catalytic contactor applications. Preliminary results on supported ceramic membranes with a hierarchical porosity are then presented. Finally, examples are given to illustrate the interest of the PECVD route and of plasma post-treatments for preparing very thin hybrid separative layers.

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