Novel energy-saving materials for microwave heating

Autores: Katsuki, H.|Kamochi, N.|Komarneni, S.
Fuente: Chem. mater.
20 (15), 4803-4807

Novel foams and plates of Fe2O3-Li2O-SiO2-Al2O3 composition made from a mixture of Fe3O4 and petalite mineral have been discovered to get rapidly heated under microwave irradiation and have relatively high heat energy holding ability compared to the presently used commercial ceramics. The Fe3O4 component transformed to Fe2O3 is responsible for microwave-assisted rapid self-heating of the composites and the relatively low thermal conductivity of these composites leads to their high heat holding ability. These novel ceramics are being commercialized as microwave ware. They also have potential applications in remediation of organic contaminants by facilitating ultrafast decomposition upon microwave irradiation as demonstrated with cooking oil as an example.

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