Patent: US 20140216741 A1. Composition and method for producing an ultra-lightweight ceramic proppant

Autores:  Zhijie Huang

An ultra-lightweight, high strength ceramic proppant made from mixture of naturally occurring clays, preferably porcelain clay, kaolin and/or flint-clay, earthenware clay or other naturally occurring clays having an alumina content between about 5.5% and about 35%. The proppant has an apparent specific gravity from about 2.10 to about 2.55 g/cc, and a bulk density of from about 1.30 to about 1.50 g/cc. This ultra-lightweight proppant is useful in hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells, and has greater conductivity than sand at pressures up to 8,000 psi as measured by Stim-Lab after 50 hours and 275° F. on Ohio Sandstone, in the presence of deoxygenated aqueous 2% solution of KCI.

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