Patent: US 20140224417 A1. Organic vehicle for dispersion of glass composition and method of dispersion

Autores: Samson Shahbazi, Steven Grabey, Mark Challingsworth.

A sealing glass composition including about 30-95 wt % glass or ceramic particles, and about 1-50 wt % organic vehicle, wherein the organic vehicle comprises an acrylic resin component and a solvent, based upon 100% total weight of the sealing glass composition, wherein the composition has a viscosity of at least about 200 kcPs and no more than about 1450 kcPs, is provided. A method of applying a sealing glass composition to a substrate comprising the steps of providing a metal substrate, providing a supporting sheet having a front surface coated with a releasing agent, depositing a sealing glass composition onto the front surface of the releasable sheet, drying the sealing glass composition to form a sealing glass composition decal, removing the sealing glass composition decal from the front surface of the supporting sheet, and placing the dried sealing glass composition decal onto a metal substrate, is provided.

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