Pigmented inks suitable for use with ceramics and a method of producing

Solicitante: JETTABLE LTD
N. de solicitud: EP20060745110
N. de publicación: EP1888699

A method for producing an ink suitable for use with inkjet printing for decorating a ceramic comprising: providing a pigment stabile at ceramic production temperatures; providing a dispersant; providing a medium selected from one of glycol ether esters exhibiting a boiling point in excess of 200 DEG C and long chain aliphatic solvents, the medium exhibiting a surface tension suitable for use with inkjet printing equipment; mixing 40 – 60% by weight of the provided pigment into the provided medium together with 0.4% w/w pigment of the provided dispersant to form a mixture, such that viscosity of the mixture exceeds 50 cps; milling the mixture while maintaining viscosity between 50 cps and 800 cps, until average particle size is 1 micron; adding the medium to the milled mixture under shear until viscosity reaches 15 cps; and filtering the unfiltered ink through 3 micron and 1 micron depth cartridges.

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