Porcelain casting slips formulated with waste glass

Autores: Bragança, S.R.|Bergmann, C.P.
Fuente: Int. j. app. ceram. technol.
6 (2), 264-269

In this work, it was investigated as to what happens when waste glass is introduced into the composition of a ceramic body in an industrial slip-casting process. For pressed products, such as tiles and bricks, the use of waste glass is sufficiently simple, but when used for slip-casting products, such as china and porcelains, the presence of glass destabilizes the slip. A better stabilization of the casting slip was achieved with an organic deflocculant instead of sodium silicate. Therefore, the factors that determine the success or the failure of a deflocculant were analyzed, such as pH, x potential, viscosity, and thixotropy.

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