Prediction of crack propagation in layered ceramics with strong interfaces

Autores: Náhlík, L.|?estáková, L.|Hutar, P.|Bermejo, R.
Fuente: Engineering fracture mechanics
77 (11), 2192-2199

The crack propagation under flexure in layered ceramics designed with strong interfaces and high compressive residual stresses is investigated by means of FE simulations and compared with experimental observations on Al2O3-ZrO2 multilayered ceramics. The change of crack propagation direction on the interface is assessed based on the strain energy density and maximum tangential stress criteria. The influence of the layer thickness on the crack propagation direction is evaluated. The estimated crack path (crack deflection angle) obtained through FE calculations is in agreement with the experimental observations. The results can be used for the design of layered ceramics with enhanced crack growth resistance.

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