Probing mechanical properties of thin film and ceramic materials in micro and nano scale using indentation techniques

Autores: Charitidis, C.A.
Fuente: Applied surface science
256 (24), 7583-7590

In this study, we report on the mechanical properties, failure and fracture modes in two cases of engineering materials; that is transparent silicon oxide thin films onto poly (ethylene terephthalate) (PET) membranes and glass-ceramic materials. The first system was studied by the quazi-static indentation technique at the nano-scale and the second by the static indentation technique at the micro-scale. Nanocomposite laminates of silicon oxide thin films onto PET were found to sustain higher scratch induced stresses and were effective as protective coating material for PET membranes. Glass-ceramic materials with separated crystallites of different morphology sustained a mixed crack propagation pattern in brittle fracture mode.

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