Process optimization in tableware industries using Taguchi´s design of experiments

Autores: Palm, B.|Heinrich, J.G.|Reuer, J.
Fuente: Int. j. app. ceram. technol.
7 (2), 226-234

The essential influences of 15 parameters on defects (cracks and bubbles) during production of tableware have been studied with 16 experimental progressions using a L16(215) experimental design by G. Taguchi. Evaluation (analysis of means and analysis of variance) indicated that in this production liter weight, drying time, moisture before biscuit firing, and position in the biscuit-firing kiln have a significant influence on cracks. Concerning bubbles, parameters with an influence are liter weight, gate system, mold material, and moisture content before glost firing. Rejects of the article used in the experiments were reduced from 2.44% to 2.27% with respect to cracks and from 6.22% to 0% with respect to bubbles.

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