Producto colorante líquido para decorar baldosas o azulejos cerámicos

N. de solicitud: E02015182
N. de publicación: ES2269567

A colorant liquid product for decoration of ceramic tiles is a liquid mixture containing: a chemical organic derivative with wetting properties, preferably a glycol; an inorganic or metal-organic salt having a chromophore action; a water-soluble synthetic resin having a lubricating action; and a solvent. A surface to be decorated of a ceramic base is prepared by receiving a bottom coat of glaze and then is treated with a waterproofing material. The liquid product can be used as it is or can be mixed with ceramic powders to form a paste which is applied, using a silk screen or a roller, on the waterproofing layer so as to form a decoration. This is then wetted with a liquid, causing a diffusion of the chromophore salts contained in the product.

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