Properties of ceramics prepared from nanopowders

Autores: Bardakhanov, S.P.|Kim, A.V.|Lysenko, V.I.|Nomoev, A.V.|Trufanov, D.Y.|Buyantuev, M. D.|Bazarova, D.Z.
Fuente: Inorg. Mater
45 (3), 335-339

Fine-grained (on the order of several microns in grain size) ceramics have been produced from various nano- and submicron-sized powders (silica, alumina, titania, aluminum nitride, and tungsten carbide). The compaction and sintering behaviors of various powder mixtures and the properties of the resultant ceramics have been studied. For a number of compositions, fine-grained, dense, high-strength ceramics have been obtained with a microhardness of up to 16-18 GPa

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