Quantitative description of ceramic-elastomer composites with percolation microstructures

Autores: Boczkowska, A.|Babski, K.|Konopka, K.|Kurzydlowski, K.J.
Fuente: Materials characterization
56 (4-5), 389-393

In this paper, the results of a quantitative description of a ceramic-elastomer composite structure are reported. These composites were obtained from porous ceramics infiltrated by urea-Urethane elastomers. As a result. composites consisting of two interpenetrating phases have been obtained, which exhibit high compressive strengths together with an ability to achieve a large deformation. Quantitative analyses of SEM images have been performed to describe the microstructure of the ceramic-elastomer composites and to calculate the volume fraction of elastomeric phase and as a consequence the open porosity of the ceramic. The results of the image analysis have been compared with the measurements of mercury intrusion porosimetry and the Archimedes method

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