Recycling of gneiss rock waste in the manufacture of vitrified floor tiles

Autores: Souza, A.J.|Pinheiro, B.C.A.|Holanda, J.N.F.
Fuente: Journal of environmental management
91 (3), 685-689

The present study focuses on the recycling of gneiss rock waste generated by the ornamental rock industry for manufacturing vitrified floor tile products. The gneiss rock waste came from a rock-cutting plant located in Santo Antônio de Pádua-RJ, Brazil. Initially the waste sample was characterized for chemical composition, X-ray diffraction, particle size, morphology, and pollution potential. Floor tiles containing up to 47.5 wt.% waste were prepared. The tiles were tested to determine their physical-mechanical properties (linear shrinkage, water absorption, apparent density, and flexural strength). Microstructural evolution was carried out by scanning electron microscopy. The results indicate that the gneiss rock waste could be used for vitrified floor tile production, resulting in a new possibility for recycling this waste and conserving natural resources.

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