Recycling of laminated calcite tile sawing waste for the production of ceramic bricks

Autores: Menezes, R.R.|Melo, L.R.L.|Fonseca, F.A.S.|Souto, P.M.|Neves, G.D.|Santana, L.N.L.
Fuente: REM-Revistas Escola de minas
63 (4), 667-672

The mining and processing industries of laminated calcite tile are an important economic sector in the State of Ceara. However, they generate a large amount of wastes, which are a source of contamination and environmental pollution. This study aimed to characterize the laminated calcite tile sawing waste and evaluate its suitability as an alternative ceramic raw material for the production of bricks and roof tiles. The waste was characterized by chemical composition determination, X-ray diffraction, differential thermal analyses, particle size distribution determination, and morphological analysis by electronic scanning microscopy. Several formulations were prepared and sample bodies were prepared by uniaxial pressing. The sample bodies were fired at different temperatures. Sintered samples were characterized in terms of water absorption and mechanical strength. The results showed that the waste is composed of calcite and dolomite, that presents a high level of fines. As such , it is possible to incorporate up to 10% for the production of ceramic bricks and roof tiles.

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