Recycling of Screen Glass Into New Traditional Ceramic Materials

Autores: Andreola, F.|Barbieri, L.|Bondioli, F.|Lancellotti, I.|Miselli, P.|Ferrari, A. M.
Fuente: Int. j. app. ceram. technol.
7(6), 909-917

The cleaned cathode ray tube (CRT) glass comes from the dismantling plant of TV and PC color kinescopes and has been used to completely replace both feldspathic and inert components of a traditional ceramic body. Panel glass has been added (up to 20 wt%) to a mixture of two commercial ball clays in order to obtain laboratory tiles sintered at 1210°C. Densification has been studied according to ISO rules, while sinterability has been estimated by optical dilatometry. The samples obtained showed main properties similar to commercial ceramic floor and/or wall tiles.

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