Rheological behavior of alumina ceramic pastes

Autores: Belkham, N.H.|Mehamha, A.|Benachour, D.
Fuente: Appl. rheol.
19, 64969-1 – 6969-5

Steady state and transient rheological behaviours of a one-coat render mortar are considered experimentally using a shear rheometer equipped with the vane geometry.The flow curves performed at controlled shear-rates exhibit highly pronounced minima, which is attributed to shear localization and strong thixotropy. This latter property is further investigated separately by considering the temporal growth of the apparent stress at very low shear-rate, reflecting the material–s microstructure rebuild up following shearing at different high shear rates. It is found that rebuilding characteristic time is roughly independent upon shear history, indicating that this is a material parameter. The influence of water dosage rate on the rheological behaviour is considered. As expected, apparent viscosity and yield stress decrease with increasing kneading water amount. The rebuilding up kinetics is found to be non sensitive to water dosage rate, suggesting that the material–s processability would be preserved when changing this parameter, although significant creeping may be expected at high water dosage rates.

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