Semplici test e protocolli reologici per aziende ceramiche

Autores: Gardini, D.|Galassi, C.
Fuente: C + CA
40 (2), 107-115

the rhological behaviour of ceramic suspensions (for slip casting, spray-drying, glazing, screen-printing, ink-jet printing) affects the quality of the products and theyield of the processes. Therefore, the importance of rheology control, either for quality control aims or for system formaulation, is widely recognized. As the determination of the viscosty and its dependence on flow (flow behaviour) and on time are critival issues, the first part of this work is focused on the empirical instruments commonly used in manu ceramic factories. Such instruments have the advantage to be simple and cheap, but the information they provide are limited and the optimization of the procedure is important to prove the reproducibility and precision. Therefore, in the second part of the paper, suggestions about simple tests and protocols applicable to such instruments are given. The protocol suggested try to minimize the influence of the factors that can affct the resultsm such as the thermomechanical history of the samples

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