Simulation study of production of fine ceramic powders in a cyclone reactor

Autores: Manenti, G.|Masi, M.
Fuente: Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification
50 (2), 151-159

A numerical simulation study of production of fine ceramic powders in an innovative vapor-phase aerosol reactor is described. Arrangement is typical of reverse-flow cyclone equipment; no similar device is present in current scientific literature and industrial technology. The cyclone reactor has a potential technological application as it realizes process intensification by two simultaneous operating advantages: (i) curly flow reduces recirculation of as-synthesized particles towards flame region, and (ii) cyclone arrangement segregates large particles. As a result, ceramic powders with narrower particle size distribution can be produced with regard to traditional equipment. The study is based on the re-modeling of an existing industrial reactor for production of fine TiO2 according to cyclone configuration; particle size distributions from simulation and plant are compared.

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