Sintered esseneite-wollastonite-plagioclase glass-ceramics from vitrified waste

Autores: Bernardo, E.|Esposito, L.|Rambaldi, E.|Tucci, A.|Pontikes, Y.|Angelopoulos, G. N.
Fuente: J. Eur. Ceram. Soc.
29 (14), 2921-2927

Dense sintered esseneite?wollastonite?plagioclase glass?ceramics have been successfully prepared from a vitrified mixture of important inorganic waste (Bayer process red mud, fly ash from lignite combustion and residues from the polishing of porcelain stoneware tiles). The enhanced nucleation activity of fine glass powders, favoured by particular oxidation conditions, caused a substantial crystallisation, even in the case of very rapid thermal treatments at 900 °C, which led to remarkable mechanical properties (bending strength and Vickers micro-hardness exceeding 130 MPa and 7 GPa, respectively) and a promising chemical durability.

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