The study of non-noxious ceramic colorants based on bismuth oxide

Autores: Voica, C.
Fuente: Journal of optoelectonics and advanced materials
10 (9), 2355-2359

The ceramics industry is increased developing worldwide, the fabrication of ceramic products in ever higher volume and scale is not only the result of the increase of quantitative and quality requirements for such products, in various usage fields, but also of the possibility of replacement of some materials, in higher performance conditions. The work aimed at working out-ceramic frits and colourants that, along with a good harmony with the ceramic mass, meet the non-toxicity criterion, through the substitution of lead oxide with bismuth oxide. The used methods of study and characterization were: thermal derivatography, X-ray diffiractometry, thermal microscopy, thermal expansion, optical microscopy and colorimetry

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