Tile glaze

Solicitante: FERRO CORP
N. de solicitud: WO2008US81401
N. de publicación: WO2009058746 A1

A tile glaze composition that can be applied to ceramic tile to form a neutral white glaze composition that does not yellow upon prolonged exposure to UV radiation The tile glaze composition according to the invention generally includes one or more glass components and optional additives Upon firing, the glass component(s) vitrify and form an opaque neutral white glaze that displays excellent physical durability and chemical resistance The glass component of the tile glaze composition includes, by weight, about 40- 80% SiO2, 5-25% CaO, 2-14% A1203, 3-12% TiO2, 0 1 -5% Sb203, and less than or about10% B203, 10% Na20, 10% K20, 6% MgO, and 5% ZrO2 .

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