Número de publicación: RU2651524 (C1)
Fecha de publicación: 20 de abril de 2018

Solicitante: FEDERALNOE …


FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the technology for producing ceramic composites with improved mechanical, environmental and decorative characteristics and can be used to produce responsible technical and / or decorative and jewelry items, such as watch case, dial, as well as in other areas of the national economy. In a method for producing a black ceramic composite product comprising pigment dispersion in distilled water, followed by adding ceramic matrix to the final suspension, drying to obtain a powder mass, molding of the preform from the produced powder mass and its sintering, when dispersion graphene oxide is used as a pigment, a ceramic matrix is added to a suspension of graphene oxide in the form of an aqueous suspension of yttria-stabilized zirconium oxide, drying is carried out by preliminary removal of the liquid phase followed by lyophilization, and graphene is restored from graphene oxide during the manufacturing process by spark plasma sintering of the preform. Optimum mass of graphene oxide is 0.37-0.74 % of the mass of graphene and yttria-stabilized zirconium oxide.EFFECT: expansion of technological opportunities for obtaining a product suitable for fine final polishing using electrophysical and / or electrochemical methods by means of increasing the specific conductivity of the material.1 cl, 1 ex, 2 tbl, 2 dwg.

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