Illuminated ceramic tile and production method

Número de publicación AU2016332466 (A1)
Fecha de publicación: 19 de abril de 2018

Solicitante: HOFER ROBERT


The invention relates to a ceramic tile (1) with a glaze (11) which covers at least the visible face (10). A light generated by one or more light sources (6, 14) is visible on the visible face (10), and at least one bore (2) and/or recess (22) passes through the body of the ceramic tile (1). The glaze (11) is designed to guide light and at least partly fills the bore (2) and/or the recess (22) in a sealing manner, and the one or more light sources (6, 14) are arranged on the rear face of the ceramic tile (1) and are connected to the bore (2) and/or the recess (22) so as to guide light.

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